Shipping Delays

Currently shipping lead times are running approximately 6-8 weeks over our normal scheduled delivery times (see Shipping & Delivery)

These delays are due to significant disruption in global supply chains as a consequence of COVID-19, an unanticipated surge in world wide consumer demand resulting in significant congestion in shipping lanes, a shortage of available containers and prioritisation of larger consumer markets by shipping companies. 


The global issues are further compounded by ongoing congestion at Ports of Auckland which currently has reduced capacity due to a problematic automation programme & labour shortages.  As a consequence some of the world's largest shipping lines  have made the decision to further reduce services to Auckland until the delays are resolved rather than having their ships sit out in our harbour for weeks.

Port congestion is endemic worldwide with containers sitting on intermediary ports for weeks during transition.

We are actively endeavouring to minimise the delays for our customers and will advise further as events develop. In the meantime please allow for these delays in your project timelines. If possible bring your orders well forward of anticipated project completion times. 

Our manufacturing times are on schedule & we endeavour to pre-book containers well in advance of anticipated loading times. However once a container is on the water we have no control over timing given the Global disruption to supply chains.