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The dining table is the heart and soul of every dining room – where you enjoy your homemade dinners, end in deep conversations over a glass of wine, where the kids do their homework and where you are working, when working from home.


The new Heart’n’Soul dining table embraces just that, but in a sleek and simple design. The dining table is extendable and has two fabric-lined drawers at each end of the table, where you can quickly put away the mess and marks that everyday life sometimes leaves behind.


The two drawers also work as support for the two extension plates, for a stable foundation when fully extended. The extension plates are hidden underneath the table – easy to add or take away.


“Embracing all aspects of life, to quickly hide all daily routines of working, playing and living, inside its drawers, so you can transform everyday life into great dinners with friends and family in minutes.” – Søren Ravn Christensen, Co-owner & Chief Creative Developer


Simple stylish Danish design at its best.

heart "n" sole extension table

    • medium:  120L x 90W x 75H cm, extending to 220L cm.
    • large: 200L x 90W x 75H cm, extending to 300L cm.

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